Minggu, September 18

Busy days

Finally tomorrow is the first day I entered university as a real student
I've followed the university's orientation and the orientation of the department of design. really tiring days but also fun and finally I've found some friends who are very fit with me unfortunately not all of them in my class we can only meet during lunch time, little sad but the show must go on.

 Strip dress 'sophie paris' Net cardigan 'gift' Shoes 'from korea' 

flower flower flower .. who not love flower ? if some of you enjoying fall seasons 
me here at Indonesia enjoying dry seasons
( ps : its always hot here )

11 september is my B'day to bad i cant celebrate it with my friends because of busy schedule but they are so nice to text me ( ps: in the middle of the night ) and wish me a happy B'day, Thank you my friends i love you.

[♥] [♥] [♥]

Lets exchange link follow me via google i will follow you too
love to have much friends

Jumat, September 2


I can feel the wind blow its already september away from a big city to my grandma house a good place to waste old days is that make me sound like a granny? its good time to relaxing before collage started and its near my brithday too on 11 september but having a dance audition that day i want to enter dance club on my collage wish me luck ^ ^ . 
btw EID MUBARAK for all muslim i know its late 2 days but it better than not saying it at all ^ ^

 top 'sophie paris'  jeans 'sophie paris' shoe 'unbranded' 

i participate in 'Journal J first give away' she give this cute bag from her own shop 'MrsClothes' check her collection on FB yo will love it ^ ^ wish me luck on this give away too it will be a great birthday gift for me.
 check her blog out : 

Jumat, Agustus 19

Meet my new baby

A week ago i accompany my mom to "Sophie paris" garage sale think about it i not really like it when she ask me to go its noon that time so hot and the street really filled while my mom talk with her friend i keep pouting (sorry mom but glad she not know because i'm on the front seat :p )
I think i will just accompany mom but I ends up buy things o.o 

This is what i get should i say my new baby like the tittle i give for this post lol 

I buy 2 Floral shirt, purple cardigan, 3 flat actually 4 but i give it to my sister and one wedges not waste much money to buy this things not even a 40$ o.o crazy sale with crazy woman to fight with

Omg u cant imagine how i rushed to get this wedges from 20$ to be 5$

my mum bought lot of bag but none of them i interest so i not take it 

Lately i do Blog walking a lot i amazed with their outfit and how they take the picture i think i will start ti learn photography well i need it on collage too and i will start to active post my outfit again pheww ~  Till the next post then ^-^

Sabtu, Agustus 6

First post in Augst

I just finish collage orientation a week ago I got a lot of new friends, can't wait to start my collage live.
btw i missed my Blog hardly too post my outfit but i try my best and will make this Blog active again YAAy!

I give new name to my Blog from "The World around me" to be "Chocolate factory"
this one will last forever 

This pic i use inside is taken randomly by my friend using her phone

While i was wait for my high school license my friend take a random shoot of me wOPS! i feel stupid because i dont notice it at all
i use my fave glasses too well its not the real one i taking off the glass and just wear the frame.

- you're getting noticed -

Ramadhan Mubarak for all Muslim around the world

Happy Augst & Happy Fastin

Sabtu, Juli 9

Go ahead and hugs me

PS: Not an outfit post
This post just some of my chilhood picture ... so old picture and lil bit dirty too but before it lost the color i scan it <3

still not believe it was me, So white .. but now i'm Olive ><' ?

 I pretty sure my Mum / Dad tease me in this pic -__-

Wondering why i alone in those pic ? where is my Mum and Dad

Selasa, Juni 28

Take it Quick Don't waste your time doing Nothing

Cheers! now i don't have any HomeWork or School Project to do, i have much of free time but I using it too well and make me busy enough. 
I start to Work, just to waste my Time before my Collage start at September and it's a good time to take experiences as much as i can. I'm working as my Mum assistant & Work at Bank  Phew.. my Mum nut give me money again except i help her ... now i miss my school :p

Anyway today i take a quick photos before i go to Accompany my Mum she need to buy stuff for her shop.

Headband 'Naughty', Long Shirt 'ITC', Shoes 'IFA'

This is my new Shoes from one of my favorite Brand from Indonesia IFA
My mum Buy it for me for helping her, I LOVE it

I don't know why i become Shoes addict and i start to Design some Shoes and Skirt too 
 will post it when it done ;)
Let's EXchange link i will follow you when you follow me 
Adios, Till the next Post ...

Jumat, Juni 10

DJ got us

My new profile song

Usher: Dj Got Us Falling In Love

Usher, Usher, Usher
(Yeah man)

So we back in the club with the bodies rockin' from side to side
Thank God the week is done, I feel like a zombie gone back to life
Hands up, yeah suddenly we all got our hands up, no control of my body
Ain't I seen you before?
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes

'Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again
So dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gon' get you right
'Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again

Keep downing drinks like there's no tomorrow
There's just right now, now, now, now, now, now, now
Gon' set the roof on fire
Gonna burn this motherfucker down, down, down, down, down, down, down

Hands up, when the music drops, we both put our hands up
Put your hands on my body
Swear I seen you before
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes

'Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again
So dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gon' get you right
'Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again

Usher, don't lie
Hear no evil, or speak no evil, or see no evil
Get it, baby, hope you catch it like T.O., that's how we roll
My life is a movie, and you just Tivo

Honey got me swishin' like a dreadlock
She don't wrestle, but I got her in a headlock
Yabba dabba doo, make her bed rock
Mami on fire, pss, red hot

Bada bing, bada boom
Mr. Worldwide as I step in the room
I'm a hustler, baby, but that you knew
And tonight it's just me and you

'Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love, fallin' in love
So dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gon' get you right

'Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again
So dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gon' get you right
'Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us fallin' in love again




Jumat, Juni 3

- graduation -

it's been awhile since my last post.
anyway i've been graduated this year YAY... ! 6 Mei 2011 is the last day i be a High school student, will miss it alot
and here is it on 8 Mei 2011 my school make a graduation celebration with "Kebaya" as a dress theme
i reserve a make-up and hair stylist and woke up at 4 a.m to make my hair done in time. I'm a sleepy head but just for this day i try to wake up so early as possible.
here is some pic during my Graduation celebration all of my friends are so beauty that day ...


this is my class mate with our favorite teacher (center)


This Kebaya was given by my mom love the design and color"Green bottle"(?) they say it fit my olive skin
Make-up & Hair do By stylist

Bestie <3

my bestie Ida, I used call her Mum at school


My other Bestie Marina we used to make alot of funny Video like "keong racun" if u not know it go search it at youtube Blah ....


all of my bestie here i miss them really much <3


Hair pin from my dearest Mum ... i love it

I miss my friends the moment when we smile, having laugh and geting punishment from teacher because of homework. I wish i can back to that moment again but I can't because 
"Live go on"

Minggu, Mei 1

Hello Indonesia, Welcome to my world!

PS : Long story u might be get bored lol 

Sorry for the late updates like what i say at my last post here's the JB concert Review at 23 April 2011
almost like 10.000+ people come to SICC that night and i realize not all of them are indonesian
some of them are foreign that come to Indonesia to see Justin Bieber concert 
look at how crowdy SICC (Sentul International Convention Center) that night.

Before Justin out on the stage the first performer was Indonesia Band "Gruvi" (lazy to take a pic)
Then the count down begin in the big screen and all of the audience screaming after seeing DJ on the stage and playing song  "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love, I Got a Feelin, Take a Bow Etc" for a 15 Minutes when the Count down begin.

Then it's the time 3... 2... 1..., I hear a "Love me" Lyrics and Justin appear and he says
"Hello Indonesia, Welcome to my world"

SICC : *SCREAMING* altought all of them have a seat no one is sit all of them is standing, dancing, jumping and ofcourse screaming ;)

Look at that Supra Shoes and the purple glasses he wear <3

Omg, so stunning he's so cool i even screaming for real  o . O

 He's singing "Favorite girl" Acoustic 
But in the middle of the song he stoped looking around look at the Camera tilt his head and smiling on the big screen once again SICC SCREAMING LIKE HELL!

And then The end...
Really amazing night, but so sad no one can meet JB or taking a pic because of the tight security
well but thx for this chance god i love you, I love JB too <3

Kamis, April 21


Lets say Bye-bye to Books pheww, I'm really glad i finish my final exam, now i have a very long holiday just need to wait till the result hope i can pass it.

Yesterday we have a good weather so my family planned to go to swimming pool "Atlantis"
they say i need to refresh my mind after the final exam.

This is some pic i took when i go there... ^ ^

Black shirt 'Sophie paris', Tanktop 'unbranded', Jeans 'Triset', Shoe 'mom given', Necklake 'Naughty'

If u read my previous post do u still remember my mom tell to buy me something n here it is
my mom give me this shoe's Thx maa i love it.. ^ ^

Do u know Justin Bieber?

at 23 april, saturday (tomorrow) he will do a concert here at SICC, He's one of my Idol's i'm so glad that i can watch him concert tomorrow it's cost Rp.1.500.000/150$ (blue seat, rank2) for 1 tiket really a money waste for me but i don't care... lol

so maybe the next post will be about Justin bieber concert Roff 
If you ask am i a Belibers? my answer is "Yes i am"