Kamis, April 21


Lets say Bye-bye to Books pheww, I'm really glad i finish my final exam, now i have a very long holiday just need to wait till the result hope i can pass it.

Yesterday we have a good weather so my family planned to go to swimming pool "Atlantis"
they say i need to refresh my mind after the final exam.

This is some pic i took when i go there... ^ ^

Black shirt 'Sophie paris', Tanktop 'unbranded', Jeans 'Triset', Shoe 'mom given', Necklake 'Naughty'

If u read my previous post do u still remember my mom tell to buy me something n here it is
my mom give me this shoe's Thx maa i love it.. ^ ^

Do u know Justin Bieber?

at 23 april, saturday (tomorrow) he will do a concert here at SICC, He's one of my Idol's i'm so glad that i can watch him concert tomorrow it's cost Rp.1.500.000/150$ (blue seat, rank2) for 1 tiket really a money waste for me but i don't care... lol

so maybe the next post will be about Justin bieber concert Roff 
If you ask am i a Belibers? my answer is "Yes i am"

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  1. Heii.. Follow me sista :)

    btw, wish your result will be good. and pray foo me so I can pass my national exam easily and get best score.. :)

  2. Thank you dear for your comment
    your wedges on the picture was pretty, I am planning to buy some, but i dont have money yet
    are you going to watch JB this night?
    visit me anytime :)

    sweet and sugars,

  3. youree prettyy! and cutee bag :)
    following now :) xx

  4. Very cute! And such lovely shoes!


  5. cute shoes! i wish i could go to justin's concert. envy you:(


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