Selasa, November 30

Rain... Rain...

Ah.... so much rain this day
but me and friends won't stop just because of rain
this day we go hang out to Grand Indonesia
but honestly we just go to see movie not buy anything because we not have enough money ( ´Д` )
hufff ..... poor us
well in return i make a note for things that i will buy next month
i will come again ... ofcourse with my mom LOL

My friend tke this pic w'out me notice it (bellow)
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ GAHHH!! so ungly face D: ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Minggu, November 21

"Doznt B-Day"

yesterday is my friends Dosma B-day
she treat Me and Ajeng Japanese food
after than we go to Top floor and looking for a Manga and stuff for X-Mass
"Happy B-day Doz!!"

- Dozt -

- Santa Hat -


Selasa, November 16

Cut the COW!

Idul adha!
 (happy b-day beat)

♫potong sapinya ♫ potong kambingnya bi-ar di sate ♫ 

sekarang juga....♫

sekarang juga.....♫



Minggu, November 7


This day...... i have aLot-Lot-Lot of spare time
 i try to ask my lil sis to take a pic of me but its ending we a fight
but...., a big sis always win in fight anyway -^_^-

why i look so chubby here 0__0'

Things i Wore :
 T-shirt : I-Be
Short Jean : Unbranded
Shoes : Online Shops
Accessories : Headbands, Yellow bracelet
Bye-Bye......  (。>‿<。)