Kamis, Desember 30

"Happy new year"

MAhahaha..... so late-late posting ....
Anyway PPL are you ready for a "NEW YEAR"!?
let's forget all about painfull things that happend in 2010
and let's welcome our happines at 2011


Don't forget to play and watch "FIREWOKS" at your rooftop

Having a BBQ with your family

WAI! can't wait again 

Hope you enjoy your new year 

;"" \\(^ o ^)//  "";

Rabu, Desember 15

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finally i get my Blog claimed at blog loving <3

Selasa, November 30

Rain... Rain...

Ah.... so much rain this day
but me and friends won't stop just because of rain
this day we go hang out to Grand Indonesia
but honestly we just go to see movie not buy anything because we not have enough money ( ´Д` )
hufff ..... poor us
well in return i make a note for things that i will buy next month
i will come again ... ofcourse with my mom LOL

My friend tke this pic w'out me notice it (bellow)
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ GAHHH!! so ungly face D: ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Minggu, November 21

"Doznt B-Day"

yesterday is my friends Dosma B-day
she treat Me and Ajeng Japanese food
after than we go to Top floor and looking for a Manga and stuff for X-Mass
"Happy B-day Doz!!"

- Dozt -

- Santa Hat -


Selasa, November 16

Cut the COW!

Idul adha!
 (happy b-day beat)

♫potong sapinya ♫ potong kambingnya bi-ar di sate ♫ 

sekarang juga....♫

sekarang juga.....♫



Minggu, November 7


This day...... i have aLot-Lot-Lot of spare time
 i try to ask my lil sis to take a pic of me but its ending we a fight
but...., a big sis always win in fight anyway -^_^-

why i look so chubby here 0__0'

Things i Wore :
 T-shirt : I-Be
Short Jean : Unbranded
Shoes : Online Shops
Accessories : Headbands, Yellow bracelet
Bye-Bye......  (。>‿<。)

Senin, Oktober 25

accessories collection

now... lets take a peek on my collection
mostly on this pic ish my necklake but sometimes i wear it on my head...


"Big  Necklake"
they say wear me..... -^_^- can you hear that?

Another neclake with same style but diferent color mostly i wear this on my head not my neck.. 

yesh.... bracklets and earrings

Simple is the best
you can wear this on any season .... -^^-

Senin, Oktober 18

Hush.... Hush........

Hi............ hi minna-san (everyone) 
this day lets take a peek on "Photo session"
i take this pic w/ my phone... 
no camera allowed to enter..... so i hide it hahaha
sttt......... don't let they know or else.... they will take my phone NO!!!!
ahh anyway here ish the pic...


Jumat, Oktober 15

- Baby Blue -

on the 1st of October I went to my mother's friend's wedding I opened all my clothes collection and finally chose to wear my blue theme I  do not know if this will fit me but .... I have no other choice ....


                                                    so sorry coz of the High LOW quality

 WAAAA......!!!!!   XD

Minggu, Oktober 10

an amazing clothes from my country Indonesia
"kebaya modern"
usually ppl use it when married or atted some formal party.......... ahh someday i will wear an amazing kebaya on my marriage its just like a traditional wedding dress  at Indonesia. girls u will looks so pertty, sexy and graceful if u wear it...

Senin, Oktober 4

This is what i wear on my seventeen B-Day.......

- Short Skirt (Yellow w/ black sparkle)
- Cardigan (Black)
- Tanktop (Yellow)

........... ahh o.k its just like making diary........