Minggu, September 18

Busy days

Finally tomorrow is the first day I entered university as a real student
I've followed the university's orientation and the orientation of the department of design. really tiring days but also fun and finally I've found some friends who are very fit with me unfortunately not all of them in my class we can only meet during lunch time, little sad but the show must go on.

 Strip dress 'sophie paris' Net cardigan 'gift' Shoes 'from korea' 

flower flower flower .. who not love flower ? if some of you enjoying fall seasons 
me here at Indonesia enjoying dry seasons
( ps : its always hot here )

11 september is my B'day to bad i cant celebrate it with my friends because of busy schedule but they are so nice to text me ( ps: in the middle of the night ) and wish me a happy B'day, Thank you my friends i love you.

[♥] [♥] [♥]

Lets exchange link follow me via google i will follow you too
love to have much friends

Jumat, September 2


I can feel the wind blow its already september away from a big city to my grandma house a good place to waste old days is that make me sound like a granny? its good time to relaxing before collage started and its near my brithday too on 11 september but having a dance audition that day i want to enter dance club on my collage wish me luck ^ ^ . 
btw EID MUBARAK for all muslim i know its late 2 days but it better than not saying it at all ^ ^

 top 'sophie paris'  jeans 'sophie paris' shoe 'unbranded' 

i participate in 'Journal J first give away' she give this cute bag from her own shop 'MrsClothes' check her collection on FB yo will love it ^ ^ wish me luck on this give away too it will be a great birthday gift for me.
 check her blog out :