Jumat, Juni 3

- graduation -

it's been awhile since my last post.
anyway i've been graduated this year YAY... ! 6 Mei 2011 is the last day i be a High school student, will miss it alot
and here is it on 8 Mei 2011 my school make a graduation celebration with "Kebaya" as a dress theme
i reserve a make-up and hair stylist and woke up at 4 a.m to make my hair done in time. I'm a sleepy head but just for this day i try to wake up so early as possible.
here is some pic during my Graduation celebration all of my friends are so beauty that day ...


this is my class mate with our favorite teacher (center)


This Kebaya was given by my mom love the design and color"Green bottle"(?) they say it fit my olive skin
Make-up & Hair do By stylist

Bestie <3

my bestie Ida, I used call her Mum at school


My other Bestie Marina we used to make alot of funny Video like "keong racun" if u not know it go search it at youtube Blah ....


all of my bestie here i miss them really much <3


Hair pin from my dearest Mum ... i love it

I miss my friends the moment when we smile, having laugh and geting punishment from teacher because of homework. I wish i can back to that moment again but I can't because 
"Live go on"

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  1. congratulations!! :)
    suuuch prettyy pictures <3
    lovee them :) xx <3

  2. hi, happy for your graduation! :D
    you wore a lovely green kebaya <3

    sweet and sugars,

  3. great post, esma!! <3
    congrats for graduation! :)


  4. Hello!congrats for graduation!! Btw, lets be friend and follow each other! would you mind to exchange link with me?

  5. You look great in kebaya sweetheart! <3


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