Selasa, Juni 28

Take it Quick Don't waste your time doing Nothing

Cheers! now i don't have any HomeWork or School Project to do, i have much of free time but I using it too well and make me busy enough. 
I start to Work, just to waste my Time before my Collage start at September and it's a good time to take experiences as much as i can. I'm working as my Mum assistant & Work at Bank  Phew.. my Mum nut give me money again except i help her ... now i miss my school :p

Anyway today i take a quick photos before i go to Accompany my Mum she need to buy stuff for her shop.

Headband 'Naughty', Long Shirt 'ITC', Shoes 'IFA'

This is my new Shoes from one of my favorite Brand from Indonesia IFA
My mum Buy it for me for helping her, I LOVE it

I don't know why i become Shoes addict and i start to Design some Shoes and Skirt too 
 will post it when it done ;)
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Adios, Till the next Post ...

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  1. So cute *o*
    Love your blog
    I'm following you, dear, would be very happy if I follow too.

  2. I love yr heels



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