Sabtu, Agustus 6

First post in Augst

I just finish collage orientation a week ago I got a lot of new friends, can't wait to start my collage live.
btw i missed my Blog hardly too post my outfit but i try my best and will make this Blog active again YAAy!

I give new name to my Blog from "The World around me" to be "Chocolate factory"
this one will last forever 

This pic i use inside is taken randomly by my friend using her phone

While i was wait for my high school license my friend take a random shoot of me wOPS! i feel stupid because i dont notice it at all
i use my fave glasses too well its not the real one i taking off the glass and just wear the frame.

- you're getting noticed -

Ramadhan Mubarak for all Muslim around the world

Happy Augst & Happy Fastin

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