Minggu, Mei 1

Hello Indonesia, Welcome to my world!

PS : Long story u might be get bored lol 

Sorry for the late updates like what i say at my last post here's the JB concert Review at 23 April 2011
almost like 10.000+ people come to SICC that night and i realize not all of them are indonesian
some of them are foreign that come to Indonesia to see Justin Bieber concert 
look at how crowdy SICC (Sentul International Convention Center) that night.

Before Justin out on the stage the first performer was Indonesia Band "Gruvi" (lazy to take a pic)
Then the count down begin in the big screen and all of the audience screaming after seeing DJ on the stage and playing song  "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love, I Got a Feelin, Take a Bow Etc" for a 15 Minutes when the Count down begin.

Then it's the time 3... 2... 1..., I hear a "Love me" Lyrics and Justin appear and he says
"Hello Indonesia, Welcome to my world"

SICC : *SCREAMING* altought all of them have a seat no one is sit all of them is standing, dancing, jumping and ofcourse screaming ;)

Look at that Supra Shoes and the purple glasses he wear <3

Omg, so stunning he's so cool i even screaming for real  o . O

 He's singing "Favorite girl" Acoustic 
But in the middle of the song he stoped looking around look at the Camera tilt his head and smiling on the big screen once again SICC SCREAMING LIKE HELL!

And then The end...
Really amazing night, but so sad no one can meet JB or taking a pic because of the tight security
well but thx for this chance god i love you, I love JB too <3