Senin, Maret 28

Paix Et Amour

Finally i finish my School exam, now i geting 1week break start from this day

Know what i did today? i go shopping with my sis

and i wear T-shirt from my Mom so comfory and i love the quote Paix et Amour means "Peace and Love" is it right? o,o

I loveT-shirt coz its easy to find, easy to Mix and Match it and can wear it anytime Duh <.<

T-shirt "Super shirt", sleveless "shopie paris"

Tomorrow my class will go to beach for school year book
so i bought this lovely hat at "Naughty"
i fall in love when seeing it 

Can guess what is diferent to me at this post with the last post?
I CUT MY PONNY (?) looks more fresh right? lebay mode 'On'

Selasa, Maret 8

Last day

Mickey Top 'Made by me', Printed legging 'Bebe', Levis Bag 'Sophie'

This is my last day... yeah my last day to live (?)
no that's not true....
its my last day to have fun.... because start from this week i must really prepared for my final exam
ohh dear...

i hopes that i can pass with good score and pass the unversity test ><'

Kamis, Maret 3


piece of my days
as a third grade student my days are very busy
although many moments where I complained but it all feels good, I will  enjoy moments of my high school

i'm pretty sure it will be my precious moment in the future 

this pic was taken 5 days ago when i'm about going to hospital for a check up
do u think my face pale?
much ppl say my face pale that day but i'm not sick (well how come a sick person can pose?)