Jumat, Agustus 19

Meet my new baby

A week ago i accompany my mom to "Sophie paris" garage sale think about it i not really like it when she ask me to go its noon that time so hot and the street really filled while my mom talk with her friend i keep pouting (sorry mom but glad she not know because i'm on the front seat :p )
I think i will just accompany mom but I ends up buy things o.o 

This is what i get should i say my new baby like the tittle i give for this post lol 

I buy 2 Floral shirt, purple cardigan, 3 flat actually 4 but i give it to my sister and one wedges not waste much money to buy this things not even a 40$ o.o crazy sale with crazy woman to fight with

Omg u cant imagine how i rushed to get this wedges from 20$ to be 5$

my mum bought lot of bag but none of them i interest so i not take it 

Lately i do Blog walking a lot i amazed with their outfit and how they take the picture i think i will start ti learn photography well i need it on collage too and i will start to active post my outfit again pheww ~  Till the next post then ^-^

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