Sabtu, Januari 29

saturday school

today the sky is clear, and like always i rode my bike to school
I have to attend extra lessons
well ..., this is an obligation that must be carried out for 2 months full
as a grade three in high school I have to prepare really well for an all final exams and then enrolled at university

This is what i wore yesterday.....

" white tshirt 'unbrand',vest 'jeans', jeansjacket 'sophieparis', leggings, sneakers 'converse' "

Introducing my friends "Delia"
She's sweet and caring person.... whops...

Chinese new year is already near......
have u buy some lampion??
owh.. can't wait for an angpao.... ^_^

all red everywhere............

Kamis, Januari 20

'missy J.suit'

heyyy heyyy...
how is the weather there??? at here is heavy rain..  >o< even when i type this post is still rain
whose like rain shower (mandi ujan) MEEE!
but carefully coz u will catch a cold

btw i will go to Pasar baru with my aunty this day..
my little sister broke my glasses and i will make a new one at optic
and then.. this is what will i wear....

just a simple cloth... coz its rain... not want to make my cloth dirty
my halter neck jumpsuit...

this jump suit is so cute i love the detail.. not to much flower
and its comfory.. even tough it's unbranded and so cheap.. just 4$

it's the end...
hope u enjoy your day and get a warm day... ^o^

bye.. bye....

Sabtu, Januari 15

School day off


its finally weekend  (´∀` )
but I have to accompany my mother to go to her regular meetings TToTT

i want to rest.... hiks...
i'm soo desperate and because of that im not even realize i wear all black outfit when i go there

black dress 'sophie paris', Belt 'random bow', accessories 'naughty', flat shoes 'bettina'

School live.........

 its semester 2...

whenever i see my semester schedule

it's always make me want to faint

stupid test, try out, minor, and exam
omg ......... 

Afraid with exam?
 I'm not affarid with exam, 
because exam is not something to be feared but something we must face to reach a higher level

Jumat, Januari 7

i'm confussed ... wich collage should i take

school has started again ...
and i just get schedule for this semester i almost faint when i look at it
SOO! much Test, Try out and after that FiNAL EXAM!
(╥﹏╥) ohh god please ... save me

btw are you live at indonesia?? i'm planning to take "fashion design" for my course at university

do u know which univ is good?
i already have 2
"raffles design institute" and "lasalle collage"
how is it?

Sabtu, Januari 1

Flower, Volly and Pool

This pic was Taken 1 year ago .... this is really bring back memory when i'm being a apprentice...
and at the end of apprentice we go to Villa to refresh our braind with the company staff

really fun and scary time 
... FLOWERS ....

when i see this flower garden i got so excited
i running around and then i get scold
but its beauty really a lot flower and an amazing scene i won't see it at big city like jakarta

 - my friends feel the same too -


Playing volly altough i'm not touch the ball at all  i'm really suck at it

all my school friends that come too

... POOL ...

Here it's the reason why i hate POOL!!!

the calm pool before the devil come ....

 yes..... the devil ..... 

or should i say the company staff that have fun with 

school girl? 0.0?

but really i miss you all......... ^.^