Rabu, April 6


just as i promise at my last post, i will post when my class taking a school year book at Beach.
that was so great moment at there and the photoshoot went well (Phew) this is the first time i'm act like a leader managing the budget consuming and transportation, but really a big thx for myfriends who help me without you i won't make it in time guys and really glad seeing you enjoy your time at there too.

Instead for wearing dress I just wearing plain T-shirt and the shortpant that i made it's a good things my mom buy that "beach cloth" i dunno what is it called :p but it sure looks good,well for me atleast.

'TheMostPlayboy' Fajar, 'TheMostFashionistGirl' Shella, 'TheMostFashionistBoy'Andry
(Count By all Students at school cool right?) 

Big Bro adam the one who took the pic for us

Faisal and Fajar try to break dance? LOL

Just a half of my class mate

If you do anything with sincerely there will be no word "Can't" because u can do it
And you will see satisfied smile from whom enjoy your work
If you think u can do anything alone you were "Wrong" because you will be stuck there
And you will see your friends ignore and blame what you done

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  1. didn't finish my highschool :(
    surely i will crave for this moment one day.

  2. great time with friends for yearbook photoshot!


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