Sabtu, Februari 12

Make-up freak

Almost V-day how is it? have u made any plan with ur BF? woooh i envy you....

i cant meet my BF that day because he live at another country be he promise we will chat kyaaaaaaaa!

last friday i go to my mom store stand

when i arrive there the make-up stylist see me and wanted to make-uping me

i say "sure why not?" and then it start..... i'm being them puppet LOL

t-shirt 'osella', mini skirt 'hand made', blue bag 'Sophie'

Before     and       After
 kyaaaa, no change at all :O


 K'Upi , Me and K'Iendah

i patricipate at Thekla GIVES AWAY 
hope me luck 0_<

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  1. Happy belated V-day!
    Too bad you can't meet up with your bf :(
    But i'm glad you guys can contact each other through chat and stuff ^^ x~

  2. too bad your boyfriend is in Philippines now, but you can still celebrate valentine, it's ok :)
    thanks for dropping by to my blog and left ur lovely comment. how about follow each other? :)

  3. i like the make up, it suit your age, dear.. you look pretty!
    it's not that bad to have only a chat in v-day, because love is the "main idea" of V-day..

  4. These pictures are stunning and you have a great blog:)



  5. aw, i wish i have a salon where they'll just put make up on me anytime! haha.


  6. Great result!

    Froso from Style Nirvana


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