Senin, Februari 7

dazed out

did you ever feel lost direction? this happened to me last Sunday
it felt like a kid who did not know what to do if there is no one to tell her

it feels like time is running so slow  that make you want tomorrow to come with high speed
it's really unpleasant feeling
you will continue to think whatever you do will be in vain

tunic hammock 'dust', grey tight 'de-de', necklake 'naughty', bag 'sophie'

8 komentar:

  1. Haha I kind of like the 'don't look at my face' necklace :P
    And I also love the bag!! x~

  2. LIPSTICK GALORE! haha! <3

    come visit and hope you follow my blog too, thanks.


  3. nice photos:)

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  4. love the shoes!

    F. ( x

  5. hi...blogwalking :)
    visit my blog too if u mind...


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