Kamis, Januari 20

'missy J.suit'

heyyy heyyy...
how is the weather there??? at here is heavy rain..  >o< even when i type this post is still rain
whose like rain shower (mandi ujan) MEEE!
but carefully coz u will catch a cold

btw i will go to Pasar baru with my aunty this day..
my little sister broke my glasses and i will make a new one at optic
and then.. this is what will i wear....

just a simple cloth... coz its rain... not want to make my cloth dirty
my halter neck jumpsuit...

this jump suit is so cute i love the detail.. not to much flower
and its comfory.. even tough it's unbranded and so cheap.. just 4$

it's the end...
hope u enjoy your day and get a warm day... ^o^

bye.. bye....

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  1. just found out your blog and it's a nice.
    your playsuit pattern is cool!
    hei how about following each other? that will be nice :)

    Natalie's-the blog


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