Sabtu, Januari 1

Flower, Volly and Pool

This pic was Taken 1 year ago .... this is really bring back memory when i'm being a apprentice...
and at the end of apprentice we go to Villa to refresh our braind with the company staff

really fun and scary time 
... FLOWERS ....

when i see this flower garden i got so excited
i running around and then i get scold
but its beauty really a lot flower and an amazing scene i won't see it at big city like jakarta

 - my friends feel the same too -


Playing volly altough i'm not touch the ball at all  i'm really suck at it

all my school friends that come too

... POOL ...

Here it's the reason why i hate POOL!!!

the calm pool before the devil come ....

 yes..... the devil ..... 

or should i say the company staff that have fun with 

school girl? 0.0?

but really i miss you all......... ^.^

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